OPC server which supports IEC 61850 file transfer?


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Does anyone know of a OPC server which supports IEC 61850 file transfer to enable the extraction of disturbance records from a IED like the P341? I was planning on using Matrikon OPC server for IEC61850 to access all the real time data, and provide support for GOOSE etc..., however in terms of a monitoring system the ability to automatically extract disturbance records would be a distinct advantage. From what I can see the matrikon OPC server doesn't support it, and unless I am mistaken the Micom P341 doesnt support FTP as an alternative to extract?

Anyone have any suggestions?

Ralph Mackiewicz

SISCO makes an OPC server for IEC 61850. It is called AX-S4 61850 (access for 61850). It includes IEC 61850 client and server functions, support for GOOSE, and IEC 61850 file transfer either via OPC or a separate file transfer utility.

See http://www.sisconet.com/ax-s4_61850.htm

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Ralph Mackiewicz

SCADA Engineer

I am looking to find a way to automatically pull disturbance records from a Micom P341 relay into my SCADA system. Just for others info, after some more investigation it appears the Matrikon OPC server product does not support file transfer. The sisco product does via DDE.