OPC Tunneling Inter vendors

I have a PI historian server with MatrikonOPC Tunneler installed; I want to know if this is compatible with Kepware's Tunneling technology which I know uses OPC UA standard to suppress the DCOM configuring issues.

Does Matrikon do something similar?
Are these two compatible?


Fred Loveless

No the Matrikon Tunneler is not using OPC UA. The KEPware solution works when you use the UA Client Driver in KEPServerEX on the PI Historian PC to connect to the OPC UA KEPware server on the other PC.
Thanks Fred, that was helpful.

One more question here, do you know if there's any advantage between the MatrikonOPC Tunneling approach over KEPWare's or vice versa?
Hi, You need to read this article about tunneling. http://www.canarylabs.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-canary-labs-enterprise-historian.html

The Canary Labs Enterprise Historian Means No Tunneling Software Needed. Canary Labs Enterprise Historian is an excellent tool for use as a local or centralized historian. The Canary Historian incorporates functions that allow data to be transferred securely and reliably through networks, internet firewalls, or satellite communications.

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Fred Loveless

Sorry I did not see this earlier. They are 2 different technologies. Ours uses OPC UA. I am not sure what Matrikon uses but it was created before OPC UA so I would bet it does not. I have not used the Matrikon Tunneler so I cannot say if it is better than our solution or not.
Matrikon Tunneller works with OPC classic which runs of Windows OS. It encapsulates COM data into usable Ethernet packets. Classic OPC uses COM and DCOM to move data within a computer or through a local Domain. OPC UA (unified architecture) basically runs as a Web server non dependent of Windows OS.