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I made an electronic card that communicates in Modbus TCP / IP (standard). I will want to know if my card is compatible with OPC UA, if not I have to modify my code c of the microcontroller for the Modbus!


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J'ai fabriqué une carte électronique qui communique en Modbus TCP/IP (standard).
Je voudrai savoir si ma carte est compatible avec OPC UA, si non dois-je modifier mon code c du microcontrôleur pour le Modbus !!

Assuming I understand the question, there are two ways to talk to your device using OPC UA. One is to implement an OPC UA server on your device. This could be easy or hard depending on your platform--for example, if you've got enough of a CPU to run the .NET Core framework, there are very simple OPC UA server samples out there that are easy to work with. If you're stuck with an embedded CPU and a C compiler, it'll be a lot more work.

The other option is to have a protocol gateway that translates from Modbus TCP to OPC UA for your device. There are a lot of software packages that can do that from a variety of vendors. If you're integrating into a DCS, often the DCS vendor has a gateway package of some sort. You could also buy a dedicated device like a GE Field Agent that can translate Modbus to OPC UA.
Thank you for your answer.

I use an embedded CPU (PIC32MZ microchip and c compiler xc32).

Thank you.