Open Channel Flume Flow


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Bob Langie

We need a good source for flumes to measure flow from sewers, irrigation and storm water run off. What types are best for each application and why?
It depends.

Here's some reading material:

Doug Grant's flow book: available from your local ISCO rep.
Instrumentation Reference Book 3rd Edition, by yours truly, available on Amazon
US Bureau of Reclamation's Water Measurement Manual, available on their website
Instrument Engineer's Handbook, by Liptak et al, available from ISA and Amazon

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Derrick Stableford

We use Milltronics (now Siemens) Hydranger units all the time, and find them very effective on open flume flow measurement. Very reliable and quite straight forward to set up.

Note the flume and weir plates must conform to recognised standard forms for any accurate measurements, no matter whose instrument you chose.

Derrick Stableford
Cema Ltd