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scott emmons

I am a hobbyist PC retrofitter. I have done a retrofit with an Ah-ha control on a Turnex lathe and I am now working on a Moog Mill with a Camsoft control. Is there anything offered in the Linux family that could replace the above two controller packages? I have other projects in mind & would like to get involved in the Linux
opportunity if possible.
Also, any other CNC retrofitters out there
interested in sharing experiences?
The MachineMate CNC is a complete CNC 4 axis or 3
axes and a spindle it can be upgraded to 8 axes and then you can control 2 machines at the same time with i/o 24 in and 16 out 24 vdc.

Thanks Curt for the help.

I have been subscribing for several months. Also, wish to excuse my tardiness in this reply. The shop and other duties have kept me away.


Sorry for such a delay! Yes, I would like to talk with you about this machine's retrofit process.


I am retrofitting a hydraulic Moog 3000. Does the "83" represent the year? I believe mine is a '70s model. Do you have experiences with this type of machine?


Vladimir Cheshmedjiev


I saw you are familiar with Hydrapath III. I would like to use milling machine MHP with Hydrapath III in drip-feed mode. This is because I run CAM-produced NC-programs and they are quite long - sometimes up to 10 MB. Could you say is the drip-feed from a PC question of setting some parameters only, or it needs an addition of some hardware/software?

Best regards: Vladimir

Vasantha from Sri lanka

Dear Scott,

You can use Linux on the EMC controller by NIST.
You will have to buy a 4 axis Model 2 Board from
Servotogo Company, USA. ( for US$880.00

I have machines working with them. One is a three axis mill with 3 Baldor AC Servo Drives of 1 Hp and matching AC servo Motors with resolver outputs. The Drives convert the resolver signal into encoder signal. So the card can read it. You can look at Jon Elson's Machining Home Page.

The other machine has the same card but the motors are old Sanyo Denkis with Copley Dc Servo Drives. There are encoders for the motors too.

What you can do is to down load the files from Linux CNC Org, and compile as instructed. The ini file has to edited to suit your machine. Look at the VAR file too and edit the line 5220 to reflect value as 1.000. Then you can have the interface.

To run the programme you will have to type something like this.



then type at the next prompt


I have also bought a card from JRA Co, US with CNC Software for US$ 1770.00. (Type JRA CNC on the internet browser)

You will need DC servo drives and DC Servo Motors, DC power Supplies and a small relay rack for all DC type projects.

I dont like steppers as I require high accuracy with closed loop tracking.

You can mirror your software by norton ghost to a back up hard disk and connect to other machines as well. I hope this is good enough for you.



jason johnson


Did you ever get your moog to drip feed? I have the same machine and want to drip feed long programs.

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