Open Loop Control System


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Gabriel Baca

My professor asked us to design an open loop system where only an actuator, the process and a sensor should be involved. We are supposed to use an interface in the computer which controls the input u(t) of the actuator in a range of 0-100%, which should be an step input. Then the actuator should do its work and manipulate the process. A sensor should be connected from the process back to the computer, and the graph needs to be plotted. We can already know how the process will behave and therefore know whether it behaves as a 1st or 2nd order model. From this graph the program must calculate the transfer function of the model.

I already know the identification methods to get the transfer function. The thing is we are just starting with this control course, and I'm not sure what kind of process should I choose. I was thinking about a DC motor, controlled by a voltage that I would control using an FPGA or maybe an Arduino, but I'm not sure how I would read the angular speed back to the computer. Also I thought about a water temperature control, but it gives me the same problem. Besides, even if I got the data back to the computer I'm not sure how I can interact with it.

What I am supposed to deliver is an interface where the professor clicks a button labeled "IDENTIFY", the computer sends an step input from 0-100%, the process is modified, it sends the data back to the computer and keeps reading until it reaches the steady state and then shows the transfer function. I have been investigating for 2 weeks to no avail and the project is due in a few days, please help!!