Open loop V/Hz control for induction motor


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I'm trying to simulate a induction motor driven by VSI with sinusoidal PWM. I have a 3 phase induction motor model and a SPWM model but still need a controller.

Does anybody know where I can get a code for the open loop constant V/Hz control for SPWM ? More specifically, I'm looking for a open loop controller of which input is the desired speed (or fundamental frequecy of motor terminal voltage) and output is the frequency of the carrier wave and/or the magnitude ratio of the modulating and carrier wave. Whereas this would be the best one for me, but any type of open loop V/Hz controller for SPWM would be great.


Hello Kirk, Have heard about the Ac Variable Freq. Drives. This Drives give V/Hz Output, it may be Constant or Varaible, depends upon the applications.
We are dealing in AC Varaible Freq. Drives, If your have any application in which u need assitance please contact us.

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