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Ken Crater

OK, so it's not a scientific sampling, but the below poll (shown with responses to date) was up on the site for a number of days and
accumulated an interesting response -- it seems that there's a pretty wide variation in the definition of "open" as it relates to controls. The question posed was simple:

"Open" means...

13 (12.62%) whatever Marketing wants it to mean.
25 (24.27%) the protocol is published and free to replicate.
1 (0.97%) the hardware is ISA bus, CompactPCI, PC/104, etc.
20 (19.42%) the software is open source.
25 (24.27%) 2-4 above.
19 (18.45%) all of the above.

Note: "all of the above" was sort of a perverse choice that a number of people seem to think reflects the current reality. It'd be nice if "open" could begin to mean something again.

We'll be putting a new poll up in a couple of days, if you want to get your votes in...
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PS, if you have any good ideas for a poll you'd like to see, let me know.