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I have built a VB program that uses RSLinx and DDE. I would like to start RSLinx when my application starts. I have tried the shell statement in VB and could get RSLinx to start but I cannot figure out how to start it minimized. I have set the argument vbMinimized in my shell statement but it still opens maximized. I would
also like to verify that RSLinx is running before leaving my splash screen. Hope someone can help.
If you are running NT, 2000 or XP you can just start RSLinx as a service when the PC starts? In you start menu there should be an option of "RSLinx Launch Control Panel" this will allow you start it as a service.

Theo Baarslag

This also works under W98, W95. In that case, you start RSLinx, and open View->Options. The third tab reads service, and there is a checkmark to start RSLinx whenever the computer starts, even before users get a chance to log on.

As for checking if RSLinx runs: you should be able to do that through DDE, or request that from Windows within VB; or at least that is my guess.

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