Open Standards connectivity on older GSE D/3 dcs?


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Mark Groen

Hi, Currently I am doing a preliminary research for building a MES layer on top of a GSE D/3 dcs. The particular dcs is from around 1988 and I wonder whether there are some means to communicate with it through some open standards protocol, like OPC for example. It would be helpful if anyone can give me some clues on this. Thanks for the info, Mark Groen

Richard Wargo

Mark, sorry to be a joykiller, but as far as I know (been configuring D/3s since 1993, version 3.3 (PDP-11), 5.0, 6.x (DEC VAX), 9.x (DEC Alpha)), the only connectivity tools available are @aGlance (OLD spreadsheet connectivity tool, don't know if still sold), and the very basic API for accessing PCMs and DCMs from your own C language code. As far as I know, no one has developed an OPC server for the D/3. It's just not that popular a DCS, and the vendor (who is it now?) over the last few years has become VERY lightweight in capability. As an example, PCM firmware development is outsourced to Diane Kurtenitis and Davy Crowell from IAS. Unless I were stuck with one of these turkeys, I would NOT use it.