Operator Interface 10.4" TFT for Class1 Div2


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Kamath RL

I am looking for a 10.4" LCD display suitable for Class1 Div 2 area.communication modbus possible.
Can some one who has successfully used such product recommend me a brand, please.
Thanks in advance.

other specs: 16 colors,640x480 pixels resolution,with keypad or touch screen,c\w configuration software, communication modbus


Geoffrey McPherson

The Telemecanique Magelis HMI is exactly what you need. There are many different models to select from including touch sensitive and keypad graphic terminal 10.5" LCD color. The programming software comes with all the Schneider protocol including modbus. For further information contact Schneider Automation technical support at 1800-468-5342.

Narucha Chaiwan

U can using PanelView 1000 from Allen-Bradley.
the cataloge no. is 2711-XXXX, they can communicated with the controller via modbus, profibus, or any AB protocol.

Scott Kortier

Take a look at Xycom, they have a 10.4" TFT that is Class 1 Div 2 out of the box. OpenHMI 3410 is the hardware, DesignStudio is the software. Lots of features.
Check out the CTC P2 PowerStation, they have an option for Class 1 Div II, and it covers all the specs you have listed as well. We have deployed
hundreds of them. Their web site is www.ctcusa.com or feel free to contact me directly.

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Siemens has two such products. The TP27 10" based on their own operating system called RMOS and the MP370 based on Windows CE. Both are excellent choices. Both can communicate MODBUS.
In my opinion the best thing to use would be a PanelMate 3000 from Cutler-Hammer. It has a 10.4 inch TFT display and comes in a touch screen or Keypad model. The PanelMate can talk Modbus RTU, ASCII and even Modbus Plus with an add on card also available from Cutler-Hammer.
If your application environment would allow it, I would get the touch screen. They allow the developer to be really creative in screen layout.