Opto 22 Communication to GE AC drives Via Modbus


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Has anyone out there ever done this? I need to control GE Drives from from an opto 22 controller over modbus. if so can you point me in the right direction, I am finding that GE's support seems to be very limited.
Hi Daniel,

Yes there are a variety of options available for communicating Modbus from an Opto 22 controller to other Modbus devices. Here is a link to the various Modbus tool kits that can be used with Opto 22's PAC Control (for PAC controllers) or OptoControl (for FactoryFloor controllers):


The OptoControl toolkit only supports Modbus serial (both RTU and ASCII modes), but there are separate PAC toolkits for Modbus/TCP and Modbus serial.

If you need more info, contact us at support [at] opto22.com.