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I am currently doing research on Opto 22 PAC project software (Basic and Professional). I would like any input from anyone that has used this project.
We use PACProject (PACControl, PACDisplay, etc.)on both the newer (PAC-R, PAC-S) as well as older (Ultimate I/O) controllers. The Basic version of the software is free (http://www.opto22.com, go to support, then downloads) and provides the logic configurator, graphical operator interface, as well as misc tools.

PACControl uses a flow chart programming approach that allows you to run multiple "charts" simultaneously. You can setup each chart using a combination of conditional, command, and script blocks. Setting up a logic configuration is fairly easy.

If you are a Ladder Logic programmer,it will take some time to adapt to the Flow Chart approach. Since you're changing how you drop your logic, you'll need to take a step back and figure out what you want your logic to do (which you should do with any system). Note that inexperienced "programmers" seem to pick up the flow chart approach easier than ladder logic.

With proper engineering/programming as well as using the modular nature of the PAC system, we have been able to maximize the capability of the Opto22 system to be equal or better than more expensive controller and I/O systems.

The Operator Interface (PACDISPLAY) is great for the price (it's free). It can be setup to look at multiple controllers and tie into their existing tag database. When you add logic/logic tags they are immediately available to use in graphic development. PACDisplay is relatively easy/intuitive to use. The biggest downside is that it only works with Opto22 products.

The Professional version:
- Allows the PAC-S to access older Serial based Opto22 system. Great way to upgrade and expand capability while keeping your existing I/O (most of which have lifetime warranties).
- Enables Dual Ethernet connectivity on the controller
- Provides conversion utilities (logic and graphic) to convert older FactoryFloor system. Which works fairly well.
- OPC Server - very cost effective OPC connectivity solution.
- Data Base linking - allows bi-directional interface to SQL, Access, etc. databases.

When you take into account the power of the Opto22 PAC Controller and I/O. Couple it with free Logic and Graphical Interface software, you will find that the Opto22 PAC system provides a great bang for your buck.

Germinal Puigbertrand

A picture says more than 1000 words, but a video a million, just go to:


PAC systems liberates you from all the well known weaknesses of the old PLC-SCADA configuration because everything runs on the I/O level. No bottle necks, No computers hanged and the most beautifull part I have found with the Opto22 solution is that it is totally integrated and open to the internet (SNMP, SMTP, PPP, TCP/IP, etc...).

Just download PAC Project Basic (it includes all the software suite required to configure, program and run the controller and the HMI without limitations), the Controller Simutator and the Demo Application, it is totally free.