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Hey Guys! I'm looking for some linux based software for an OPTO B1 brainboard. I came across some OPTO hardware and being the tinker that I am, want to interface it with a linux system in order to perform basic functions. ex: Turn lights on and off. I just need something that can communicate with the brainboard, input, output. The rest I can do. Any ideas???

Editors Note: Also see the thread by this title under the LinuxPLC Project topic.
I do not think that you need any special software to talk Optomux with Linux. Serial I/O is built in. Check the Serial Howto for details. The
Optomux protocol details can be had from Opto's web site, I think. You could either write a C program or maybe even a shell script to send
commands. That said, an example program would be a good place to start.

Bill Sturm