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Jim Loewen

We are looking for applications where OPTO22 PLCs are used to control multiple pneumatic valves (Norgren/Festo/Mac)using a network protocol.
This would eliminate the I/O modules used to control 60+ valves per unit.

Can't seem to find anyone who use protocols that OPTO has readily available, i.e. Modbus or DH+.

Anyone doing this with OPTO 22? Anyone had experience with protocol converters?


Standard Plan

We have used OPTO22 for control of MAC (and other) solenoids on valve assemblies with up to 36 inputs. We found the OPTO22 as well as the MAC valves, very reliable. Typically, we used the RS485 interface driving them from LabVIEW.

John Catch
I do not have experience with Opto 22 I/O and valves. However, I have had good experiences using all the valve manufacturers you mentioned (Norgren/Festo/Mac)in conjunction with WAGO I/O. I would highly recommend you consider looking into the WAGO solution. They also have a partnership with Burkert Valves where the valve bank can be placed directly in (integrated into) the I/O node. The nice thing about the WAGO is that it allows easy connectivity to the valve bank via Profibus, DeviceNet, or RS-232-485 Serial communication (actually with the serial I/O module you can sub-network the valve to the other protocols WAGO supports such as Ethernet, Modbus, CANopen, Interbus, CC-Link, etc..). This system is also modular with granular 1,2,4 or 8 Channel digital, Analog, and special function I/O modules (unlike the Opto solution which requires a back plane and does not offer such high granularity). In addition, I have found the WAGO solution to be more cost effective than the Opto solution or any other solution for that matter.

Check it out (most of the valve manufacturers should be familiar with this solution and can offer some feedback for you).
Are you looking at the Opto22 system to perform the control logic or are you just using it strickly for I/O?

We've played around with Modbus TCP/IP and were successful in control and monitoring.

With a little more info on the specific application, we may be able to help you.


Matthias Prinzen

Modbus controlled valves? It is possible in the direct way. The Festo CPX-FEC system may be a solution.
Here you will find the news about the controllers of Festo to control valves:

And here especially the controller with modbus tcp interface:

Have a look to page 2 of the CPX-FEC:

Kind regards

Matthias Prinzen