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Hi all!

I was wondering what programming language is used for custom programming of Opto22's Ultimate I/O? I need to translate ModBus variables to SNMP OIDs. I know that this involves some custom work but I don't know what language is used.



Steve Meisel

Opto 22 uses Factory Floor software. Newark has it for $440, I purchased it directly from Opto22 last year for $349. Check out their web site ("www.opto22.com":http://www.opto22.com ) or call them at 800-321-6786. Their support has helped me out of some bad situations including converting some code from Cyrano (their old software) to Factory Floor. Some commands didn't cross over. What a mess. We are strictly ladder folks here so their flow charts are taking some getting used to.

Jayaharan C J

Hi JT,

Opto22's Ultimate IO uses flowchart programming language like all other Opto22 devices but the only difference being that the programming language is called iocontrol which is specifically written for Ultimate brain (not Factoryfloor as FF consists of Optocontrol, Optodisplay, Optoserver, Optoutilities... which is used only for Opto22 controllers like G4LC32 and SNAP LCM4.

Ultimate IO supports SNMP Protocol to communicate with SNMP based Enterprise Management system like Unicenter,Openview or Tivoli.

For configuring the SNMP traps and access previliges in the Ultimate IO you need to use ioManager,a utility which is used for congiguring the Ultimate IO brain.

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Jayaharan C J
The programming language for Opto 22's SNAP Ultimate I/O is ioControl. It is available as a free download from Opto 22's Web site (link is in What's New section).

However, ioControl programming is not necessary to translate incoming Modbus/TCP messages to outgoing SNMP traps through SNAP Ultimate or SNAP Ethernet I/O. Simply configure your Modbus/TCP device to send a message to the SNAP system's IP address with a Device ID and Address that correlates with the memory map location for the "SNMP Message Text" field (A utility for determining the Device ID and Address information for any memory map location is included with both SNAP Ultimate and SNAP Ethernet I/O). Then send an additional Modbus/TCP message to the memory map location for the "Enable SNMP Message" field to send the data to the configured SNMP host.

All of these configurations are accomplished with your Web browser through Web pages stored on your PC connected on the same network as the SNAP system. No custom programming is required, and the data is sent to the SNMP host automatically upon toggling the Enable SNMP trap field.

If you have any additional questions, please call Opto 22.

Regards, Benson Hougland
Thanks to all that replied. I was afraid that we would have to do some low level programming. According to Opto, what we need to do can be done using the Opto software.

Thanks again,
From what I understand, you're trying to talk modbus with opto. There's software you can buy from opto that has pre-made subroutines for talking modbus with an opto controller, if you're using OptoControl, which is a part of their Factory Floor software. I don't know the price, but it's fairly cheap. I've used it, it's pretty easy.

One more thing, I wouldn't buy any opto stuff from Newark, their prices are very high. Opto's direct sales are lower, but your best bet is from a distributor. I don't know what your rules are for soliciting and stuff, but you can email me for lower prices on opto stuff from my company.