Original manufacturer of ABB drive for AC motor - model ACS800


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Luu Hoang Hai

We are in Vietnam, we want to buy some ACS800 for crane application. In Vietnam have a Representative dept of ABB, but we want a source from overseas because we are a reseller and in Vietnam have many competitors. Please tell me the original manufacturer.
ACS800 made in Finland??

Thank you.

Phuc Loc Engineering&Trading Co. Ltd
ABB is the manufacturer of that drive. ABB is a large multinational corporation, so the VFDs could be made in a number of places throughout the world. The headquaters for ABB is in Switzerland I believe, but the VFD division is based out of Finland. That is just a formality however, every country has their own sales division. If you have an ABB office in Viet Nam, I would doubt that ABB will permit you to buy from an ABB office in another country.

marc sinclair


They have a manufacturing facility in Finland, at


P.O. Box 187
FIN-00381 Helsinki

Tel.: +358 1022 11
Fax: +358 1022 22330

Their headquarters is at:

Affolternstrasse 44
P.O. Box 8131
CH-8050 Zurich

Tel. +41 (0)43 317 7111
Fax +41 (0)43 317 4420


Giuseppe Vellotti

To whom it may concern,

We are located in Melbourne Australia and we can certainly supply Motion control ACS800 drives or even Crane specific ACS800 drives.

My contact details as follows,
Giuseppe Vellotti
+61 (0)3 85440172

General Number: + 61 (0)3 8544 0000