ORSI MES, cp16, and AB


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Has anyone worked with ORSI Mes and DH+? We have been told they are eliminating support for CP16 in a couple of years. Can anyone suggest a workaround or "black box" to replace the CP16. We don't have the manpower or budget to redo all the programming.
I know the person that is managing the migration from CP16 to a newer controller; to avoid loosing the software investment he uses OpenPMC, the last-generation controller from ORSI. OpenPMC does not address directly RIO/DH+ but only PROFIBUS, therefore it must be used together with PROFIBUS/RIO converters to remain compliant with he installed I/O hardware. There are many vendors for these boxes in the USA. It is important to consider that baing PROFIBUS much faster than RIO, the overall I/O scan time is unaffected by the usage of a converter.
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Hope this will help.