Output of thermocouple at multiple points


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I have a single sensor (thermocouple) where the output of this sensor is to be made available at three different points at different locations.

How can i do this ?


Jim Sullivan

Thermocouples must be terminated in very specific ways (do a web search for the details.)

Your best solution is to relay the measuring device's output, not the weak TC signal. You didn't say what device that is, so I can be any more detailed.


Zan Von Flue

I converted the signal to a 4-20ma signal. then I can at different points measure the same temperture.

With measuring try to stay with not grounded connections, series connected, and current inputs.
produce a voltage, then measure the voltage with the 3 points, or mix. I did, but I feel the current is better.

If the distance between them is fairly close you can connect additional TC wires and run to your other points. Just keep the polarity the same on each jumper. If the run is a long one I would purchase a converter that changes the TC voltage to a 4-20ma or 0-10vdc and send that out to my points.