Ovation HMI on top of ABB controls


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I have been tasked with checking on if putting an Emerson Ovation HMI on top of ABB controls, will be viable. Anyone out there have any experience with Ovation in this manner?
I have not done this (others have and will hopefully reply) but suggest that you also look at ABB solutions (PPA and S+ Operations) before making a decision.

We have done this at our site. The Ovation HMI's sit on our Infi 90 system.

Emerson performed the upgrade which was a fairly easy process for us. Since installation, the new HMI's have been stable and have made life a lot easier for the operators.

It doesn't seem particularly that easy to modify graphics etc when compared to composer, but that's possibly because it's a new system to us.

Don't know what type of HMI you had over your Infi90 before the upgrade to Ovation (or whatever third party system you chose), but if it was a legacy console such as MCS, OIS20 series OIS 40 series, PCV 4.x, PCV 5.x - any that used the SODG displays, your best option would be to upgrade your HMI from those types to a 'Power Generation Portal' (PGP) HSI. This very powerful and surprisingly inexpensive console can (re)use the old SODG displays. You only need to use an application in Composer toolset to convert the entire project. (You can upgrade SCAD or WinCAD module configurations, all tag, trend, alarm comment, EU, LSD databases AND the SODG displays, to download straight into the new PGP servers). The entire upgrade could be completed in few hours. If you already have Composer: even less time.
PGP is available on most platforms i.e. Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows XP, Windows 2000; MAC, Unix, Linux.

The PGP connects to the Infi90 via SEMapi interface to ICI03, via standard com port, SCSI or LAN - the same as any other HMI form 3rd party suppliers. If upgrading from any of the above mentioned 'legacy' consoles (HMI's) a new ICI03 may be required, but if upgrading from PCV you would probably already have at least ICI01 thus would only require a couple of new modules and an NTMP01 termination unit (to replace NTMF01) to upgrade it to ICI03.
The PGP is available from ABB at a competitive price, but the real savings would be made by the time saved by NOT needing to create new displays. The old SODG graphics from your old HMI can be directly installed into the PGP, ready for immediate use...