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Ann Roberts

Has anyone out there had any success with a serial interface between Allen Bradley's Control Logix to an Emerson Ovation DCS?

If so how did you do it? i know there are better ways but it is part of NERC CIP compliance.

There are a number of people who make protocol converters that should do what you want, and since it is an Allen Bradley PLC you should probably start with ProSoft who have a special relationship with A/B (see http://www.prosoft-technology.com/prosoft/products/for_rockwell_automation)
that includes providing protocol converters to Rockwell itself.

...but I have a question. Why is connecting a ControlLogix PLC to a DCS part of the NERC CIPs? I don't recall seeing a requirement to do that, and many utilities are doing exactly the opposite to avoid having to declare that they have cyber critical assets at all. I'd be interested in your answer, seriously.

we have an Emerson ovation system talking modbus RTU with serial links to an ABB AC410 system, a Nalco trasar unit, and several RS485 networks with SEL devices on them. I also talk to several SLC500 processors, but I use the Ovation TCP/IP driver for these. Not sure if I can help but I would be glad to share any knowledge I have if it helped you.

Can I use Ovation TCP/IP driver to get data from ovation DCS? Please any information like communication manual about it can I get from you?

Thanks in advance.

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Kevin Ferguson

By NERC standards, you can not have any routeable remote systems back to the DCS. Therefore, she'd have to use either serial or Profibus in order to achieve communications.

I have no specific experience with the problem as stated, but I suspect that the connection between the ControlLogix and Emerson DCS could be made.

Does the Ovation DCS support Allen Bradley's DF1 serial protocol?

According to this sheet, it seems to...

http://www2.emersonprocess.com/siteadmincenter/PM Power and Water Documents/pws_002864.pdf

If the Ovation DCS speaks DF1, then that would be one possible way of data exchange between the two systems.

If not, there are expansion cards for the ControlLogix that will give it Modbus support, such as those from ProSoft that Walt Boyes mentioned above.

Also, if you have some PLC selection flexibility... It's noteworthy that Allen Bradley's entry-level MicroLogix has pretty good native support for Modbus, whereas the higher-end ControlLogix does not.

Also, there are external, din-rail-mount protocol gateways that can do the job, too. I'm partial to the "Digi One IAP", which can perform protocol translation between various serial and ethernet protocols, including Modbus/RTU/ASCII/TCP and Allen-Bradley DF1 and EtherNet/IP.

Hope this helps!

Were you able to establish communication between the control logix plc and the ovation DCS? of so, how did you do it? do you have a screen shots of how you did that I can look at? I am currently working on such communication and don't know how to do it. I would really appreciate any help you can provide me.

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Do you have a document that show how this serial or Ethernet communication is done between Ovationa and Allen-Bradley Control Logix

Non-routable serial to isolated PSP area you can use Opto22 as a simplet serial back to IP. It also can be used to translate language like Bailey DCS HMI or tunnel serial to serial. Very easy and powerful. Controller can also be used a as data concentrator. They also have AB interface modules.

Carter Automation

Yes we are doing another link this coming week. The Ovation system has a QLC card for serial communication. AB makes a 1770-KF2 module for communicating over the AB network. You would need these two items to start the link process. Emerson makes a driver for the AB and you would need that as well. If you want complete details send me an e-mail and I will send you the basic file structure for this type of communication link.

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