Overrun problem with serial port

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Giuseppe Tognini

I've a problem with my visual c++ application.
I read data from UART at 115200bps. My program work fine, only on my PC, the GetOverlappedResult() function crash my application and return an CE_OVERRUN error.

Why only on my notebook?

I had the same problem. Going from one computer to another, but in VB. I was forced to change the bytes from 7 to 8. It just did not except the 7 bit. ?????
Now I'm use a *.ini file; and let the user change to whatever he has to.

Gabriele Corrieri

Hi George,

I've tried same thing, with good results.

I think that your trouble is the "RUN / TERM / STOP" switch on the CPU: you must switch to STOP before downloading software, than switch to RUN when download is finished, I suggest you to not use soft-switch by MicroWin: the FreePort mode is joined with SM0.7 system flag, you couldn't change this value by using soft-run or soft-stop via MicroWin.

You can contact me freely, but I'll be answer only after 20 august, because I'm out for holidays.

Best Regards

Gabriele Corrieri
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