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Satish Salankimatt

Can anybody guide me on how to calibrate the flue gas Oxygen and Co2 analyzers. These are used in 55TPH IJT boilers where I am working, and not indicating properly.


Johan Vereecken

* For the zero-calibration you should use pure N2.
* For the span consider the maximum range you want to measure and then order a cilinder with a mixture of O2 and CO2. In this case you should demand your supplier for N2 as carrier gas.
You can use N2 as zero gas in both of them. While ordering cylinders of O2 (select maximum span which u will encounter) balance N2. You can use atmospheric air if your instrument has large enough span, Just disconnect from the take off point and see the reading. Ideally it should show 20.9%.. If u do not have particular concentration of O2 or CO2 and have 100% pure gases (o2 & Co2) u can use gas mixing pump which mixes two gases in the range of 1 to 99%. so one gas can be n2 and other pure co2 or o2 set the required setting. Please let me know if you would like to procure that pump.. we are satisfied with it's performance.