Oxygen Measurement in water (H2O)


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Who knows any good oxygen measurement sensors to measure the amount of oxygen in water (H20).
The sensor needs to give the amount in the reach of 0 mg/l to about 40mg/l. Must give a analog signal from 4mA to 20mA and must be shock proof.
It will be use to measure in a large Fish Tank with a lot of large Fish in it.

How knows any type I can use?

Greetings, Sisko Bos
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I'm assuming you need to measure dissolved oxygen
(D.O.). We've had good success with Waltron and Orbisphere analyzers. Some other manufacturers
are EG&G, GLI, Endress & Hauser and Rosemount analytical.

Good Luck,
Rick Barbye
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Dear Sisko,
Actually you are looking for Dissolved Oxygen in Water in range of 0-40 ppm. The DO meters are manufactured by several companies. We are using Rosemount make Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter 1181DO with Sensor model 430 to measure DO in our
ETP plant. (Range : 0-20 ppm, which is adjustable as per requirement). It gives 4-20 mA current output.

Rosemount Analytical Inc., Uniloc division, USA
Tel : 714-863-1181
Fax: 714-474-7250

Also try this one,
IC Controls, Canada
www.iccontrols.com, E-mail : [email protected]

Manoj Topiwala
Reliance Industries Ltd, India