P&ID tag numbering


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Rollin Laird

I have a shareware solution for tag numbering, renumbering, and locating in legacy (non-intelligent) AutoCAD P&IDs. The only "cost" is to see a philosophical blurb each time you open it. I put this in to keep the "riffraff" who may not agree with it from wanting to use it. It finds existing tags, whether within a bubble or not, according to regular expressions you define. You can save custom regex definitions for reuse with the same customer of project type. You can then increment these tags to a new number range if they are already sequenced, or you can define a custom "path" along which you would like the tags to be numbered. (This is the creativity opportunity). You can zoom to any found tag and use the AutoCAD editor at that location. You can add in additional individual tags to those already found, or remove selected ones. You can save a sequencing "path" you defined and use it to sequence tags on similar or mirrored equipment. No, it's not perfect, but it is free and it doesn't crash. There is a good help file with it also. It can be downloaded from Tumpliner.com