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Does anyone know the supported attribute values and definitions for the CIP Get_Instance_Attribute_List (0x55) service?

Attribute 1 and 2 are defined in a public AB documents and 8 appears to be array dimensions. 7 could be data size in bytes, a total guess.



I did not find any other attribute numbers so I went with what was in Logix5000 Data Access 1756-pm020_-en-p 2016 and the one other attribute number I found.

I wrote a test program (Windows) to read the tags and data structures from a Logix PLC using the above document. Controller tags, program tags and used structures are fetched from the PLC.

The program might be of use to others that are working on code to read the same data. The returned data is parsed and the raw data is, for the most part, displayed before the data. The transport data is not parsed because Wireshark can be used to view that data.

The link to the program is: http://www.hmisys.com/downloads/LogixTagRead.zip

No, installer. Copy the files to a directory, set properties and select the <b>Fetch</b> button.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the program or results.
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