Panel Meter with Two 4-20 mA Re-transmission Outputs


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I'm a controls distributor, and one of my customers is interested in a panel meter that takes a 4-20 mA signal input, and provides two 4-20 mA outputs to retransmit the input signal.

They currently have a Red Lion PAXP with auxiliary output card, but want a second 4-20 output.

I'm aware of signal splitter devices like Moore's ECT. But due to space constraints within their panel, they would prefer to replace the Red Lion PAXP with another panel meter that provides both 4-20 outputs, as opposed to a DIN rail signal splitter.

1/8 DIN would be preferred, but 1/4 DIN would work as well.

Does such a device exist?
Yes, with an outboard DIN rail mount module, you can get two 4-20mA otuputs from a Precision Digital. I did exactly that one time for the same reasons - one 4-20mA pressure signal in, two 4-20mA pressure signals out.

Precision Digital stuff
- PD6060 (dual input panel meter, but I only used one input) It's an 1/8 DIN horizontal box

- PDA1011 dual 4-20mA output module

- PDA 1002 DIN rail mounting kit for the PDA1011

The 4-20mA outputs are loop powered, so you need a DC power supply in the loop.
Wouldn't it be putting all their eggs in one basket?

Omega sells a product DRSP-1 that takes one analog in and gives two isolated out. I'm sure there are others. Two separate modules might take up less space. One thing I would ask for is a 4 wire device or something powered from the output loops, less chance of total failure that way.