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Paul Mann

The display I am attempting to run is an LED based "scrolling" display, I wish to mimic machine alarm messages on this display. I have set up a "print only" system to provide the text that I want, my question is how do I send the necessary control commands. I have managed to achieve this using the SLC CHANNEL 0 but am having some trouble using the Panelview serial port.

Could it possibly be the serial comms cable connecting the Display to the Panelview?

Also I believe codes from the Panelview for carriage return and line feed are ^M, and ^J, whereas the display commands for these are [cr] and [1f]

I have included the relevant technical spec regarding the comms for the display and hope that someone may be able to shed some light on this.

Serial Communication Protocol

All commands and text that are to be sent to the sign are printable ASCII characters with exception of 'carriage return' and 'line feed', which must terminate each transmission packet.

The signs can receive/transmit information along a 3 wire serial link to any computer serial port, there is no hand shaking facility provided and any software used must recognise this; alternatively, appropriate wiring of the serial connectors can avoid any problems this may cause.

Baud - 300 to 9600, in all cases the format is No Parity, 8 Data Bits, 1 Stop Bit.

Many Thanks