Panel View 600 and 1500 Micrologix communications


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Rohit Patil

i have micrologix 1500 LRP PLC. i want to communicate with panel view 600 which is 800 km away from PLC.

using the Allen-Bradley's modem, a telephone line, and the DF1 protocol, that can be done!

I work for a distributor, and I've never seen that kind of setup!

william delatorre

You can do it either way, first using the WWW and installing a serial to ethernet converter on the plc side and a panelview with ethernet conector, your ISP provider will give you more info or install a modem on both sides and establish a phone connection.

william delatorre
-- It depends on where the two points are and what links are available in between. I am assuming you can get some bandwidth on phone and wireless links.

You would probably like to envelop the signal in a standard serial communication format, modulate it and send it thorugh a dedicated phone line with backup on wireless link. Just make sure that whatever equipment you choose, can carry the amount of information you have, with the max and average amount of delays you can allow.

Steve Zilber

Check out B&B Electronics for serial boosters, Sena, Moxa for serial to ethernet converters, or look into dial-up modems.

AB support should know what to do, in theory.
I think you may be able to use 1761-NET-AIC and a modem on each end and use the phone line.

You may want to check with AB tech support.

Eddie Willers

Eight hundred kilometers ? I think that's some kind of record.

Obviously you're not going to run an 800 km cable.

The DF1 protocol (that's your only choice for this) goes through modems pretty well. Dial-up isn't going to work because the PanelView lacks a dialler, but leased-line modems would work. I don't know if you'd be able to throttle back the DF1 polling speed on the PanelView enough to handle the delays in an IP system like GSM/GPRS modems.