Panelbuilder 1400e and Windows 2000


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Shawn Korns

Has anyone been able to run Panelbuilder 1400e to actually run and open a panelview file on Windows 2000? If so did you load the Service Pack 1 or not? What settings did you have to change to get the software to open a file?
According to Allen Bradley, the Panelbuilder 1400e software will work with Windows 2000, but not with SP1 installed. Their solution is to remove SP1 [if SP1 was included with the Windows 2000 install then it cannot be removed and Windows must be re-installed]. I could not do find a way to re-install Windows 2000 without SP1 (my Windows 2000 CD included SP1) without doing a clean install, thus removing settings, etc. I did install SP2 and got PView 1400e to work. This SP2 is not currently offered officially from microsoft, but it is complete and seems to work fine. You can download it from microsoft at: As a final note, under the Pview 1400e shortcut properties do NOT check "Run in seperate memory space". If this is checked you will have the same problems as with SP1 installed.