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I am working in Kunshan, China on a 3 month assignment and need some help communicating with my AB 550 Panelview.

When I connect to my Panelview 550 (RS-232) I can see that I am communicating with it but cannot upload the program. It is always recognized but when trying to upload, it fails when trying to "prepare for upload". Serial number is 2711K5A16 Rev D FRN 4.46. I have version 3.80 Panelbuiler 32 software. Does my software need an upgrade? Or is something else corrupt? I continue to get the same error every time, no matter what I do, error-4004, I think. Please help, hung up in China with no support.

Jeremy Pollard

Are you using direct comms or RSLinx??

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!

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Bob Peterson

I did a quick Google and AB knowledge basis search and found nothing on this error code.

Could be in one of the secret knowledge base articles only available to certain AB personnel.

Have you tried emailing AB tech support?