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I have a robot with a Cutler-Hammer IDT-1775T colour touchscreen in a pendant. I keep getting timeout errors between the screen and the plc. I have cut back the cable to the pendant to get rid of some questionable wiring, but I still get the errors randomly. Anyone have any ideas? Should I replace the entire pendant cable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Dino,

Are you still getting errors? If so, what is the error number? What PLC are you using (ie: AB PLC5, Siemens S7, etc), and what is the method of communication (ie: Data Highway, Serial, etc.)?

Thanks for the reply Tom,

I am still getting the errors -

Loc: 0 on opt0 via /plc2 NAK reading 23

Loc: 0 on opt0 via /plc2 reading timeout 99

Loc: 0 on opt0 via /plc2 writing timeout 99

Loc: 0 on opt0 via /plc2 invalid checksum reading ##

The first three lockup the control but with the invalid checksum I can still change pages and move the robot.
The plc is made by Optimise Ltd., Bristol England (never heard of them) and they are using serial communications.