PanelMate II Upload Capability


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Hello All, I am trying to reverse engineer a Cutler Hammer PanelMateII #2950 that is connected to an AB PLC-5/25. The purpose is to install a new PC SCADA inteface. There are no disks or docs on what AB registers the graphics are pointing to. Is there software available that could upload the current database from the existing PanelMate?


Steve Bailey

I'm going strictly on my memory here, not on any written documentation.

I think the PanelMate I, II, III series had the screen editor built in. All you needed to do do was plug in a keyboard and move the keyswitch to the proper position.

To make backup copies of the application, you plugged a memory card into a port and uploaded to that.

Later on, they developed software to create screens offline from the PanelMate unit, and I think they had utilities to read from the memory card and convert to the file format that the software needed.

For your short-term needs, I think all you have to do is plug a keyboard into the PanelMate and you can view the templates on the screens to see what addresses they're reading and writing. Be sure to take under consideration the fact that, while you're editing, you can't use the PanelMate to control your process.