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I would like to ask help of them who heard about the followings or maybe used it:

I need to update the configuration usually on a PanelMate (cutler-hammer) operator interface which is in connection with an AB PLC5.It has few options like RS232 DH+ and through Remote I/O.
I am interested about the last mentioned method.
I think I should buy a validation soft. patch to install this option to the PanelMate but first I would like to collect information about this option and about it's reliability.

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Steve Myres, PE

I've never used RIO to talk to an MMI, but I've done DH+ many times and it's extremely reliable. The cards I like (I'm assuming you have a PanelMate PC) are dual function ISA slot cards from <a href="">DataLink Technologies,</a> model DL-PC. They can be configured for either DH+ or RIO, and are much less expensive than the equivalent from AB or Sutherland-Schultz (S&S). They configure as a COM port from the point of view of the PC, so no new driver will be required for the C-H (it won't even know it's not talking RS232). Also, even though the RS232 driver in the PanelMate may not allow any baud rate higher that 19,200 or 38,400 say, the DL-PC can run at full network speed anyway. Pretty cool. Very easy setup, too.

Steve Myres, PE
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And, NO, I don't work for DataLink, I'm just a very happy customer.
I have completed a couple of projects using the panelmate and the AB remote I/O option. This is efficient method to connect to the PLC5. If you have any question please drop me an email.