Panelview “unknown” error code


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Jeffrey D. Brandt

Upon attempt to erase/format a memory card, the terminal crashes to a black screen of death, and the following is displayed: (*)
I have another memory card, an EPSON model, same ALLEN BRADLEY part number, and the terminal can erase, format, store, read with no problems. 2032 Fault Occured. Error= 2032 ALLEN BRADLEY tech support claims that this error code does not exist. I claim that I am not crazy, and that this code DOES exist.
Ideas? C’mon guys, I can’t be the only one with this problem.
Details: ALLEN BRADLEY Panelview Terminal, Cat. 2711-T1C8
Series. A Rev. B FRN 3.13
Boot version V01.05 memory card,
ALLEN BRADLEY Cat. 2177-NM14 Series. B (Intel label on unit: engraved ‘iM004FLSA-15’
Jeffrey D. Brandt
Senior Systems Engineer
Carpenter Engineering, Inc.