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I am trying to configure the Panelview 1000 to a SLC 5/04 processor on the DH+ communication channel. The PC and SLC are on a RS-232 communication channel, where as Panelview1000 and SLC are on the DH+. When I start up the PC in RSLogix 500, I cannot see the DH+ indicator blinking on the processor. The PanelView, when booted up, gives a communication error. Please help me as to whether my connections are correct or not.

Tull, Leith \(Rockwell at Alcoa\)

Sounds like the major problem lies in the wiring configuration of the DH+ cable or the hardware of the SLC-5/04. The DH+ light should be blinking on the SLC-5/04 when you have nothing plugged into it. If you then connect another DH+ device to it with the right cable the DH+ light will turn solid green even if the 2 devices are not setup to message each other (it is a status of token being passed). Therfore check your DH+ cable connection. Verify the DH+ light on the SLC-5/04 blinks when nothing is plugged in. Also might help if you leave the fault message the Panelview produces


Leith Tull

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You have two things that are clearly wrong, the DH+ indicator on the 5/04 and the communications error on the PanelView. Both are problems that can be solved using the troubleshooting information in the User Manuals. Correct those errors in your configurations.

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Larry Lawver
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Mike Schneider

You have to have the PC connected to the DH+ to do download from the DH+ connection on the SLC. This will require either a KT card for a desk top or a PCMK card for a laptop. If you have a laptop you can transfer serially with the proper cable. Manuals are available online

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