Panelview 600 upload difficulties


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I was getting this message "Terminal Application does not contain upload information" after uploading from an operational PV600 (2711-B6C8 PV600 Color Key/Touch, FRN 4.00-4.09). This is connected to SLC 5/04 through DH+, with which I am communicating to the Panelview. I am using Panelbuilder32 ver. 3.8.

Can anybody guide me to upload properly the application? I need to upload and add a button and download again.



bob peterson

Let me guess that you got this PV as part of a machine supplied by a 3rd party.

It is possible to prevent changing the PV. You will get this error message when you try to copy the Pv files from the PV if this has been done.

The only real answer is to get the full file from the entity that programmed it.