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I am trying to download a program from my pc to a panelview 600, having some very strange results.

I am using rslinx version 2.50
PB32 ver. 3.80
panelview is 2711-B6C1 firmware 3.15

I start rslinx, configure DF1 driver. I can see my pc and pv 600 in rslinx window. So I have to assume I have established comms. I try to download program, and it identifies operator terminal, validates application for download, and prepares file for transfer. when I get to check operator terminal for compatibility, I get an error code of 4091, (application file is for an incompatible communication type).
I can pull the existing program from pv but can't open it. I can see pv in rslinx so why can't I download to it?

Does this make sense to anyone? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Probably the file you are downloading is configured for a different model terminal. Check this in the project tree under System setup and check if the models and revision numbers are identical. You may have to tweak the terminal select list to pick out the correct one. On the other hand, it may happen that the terminals firmware should be upgraded for compatibility, specially if the terminal's firmware and revision number are different to those the panelbuilder supports in that version (3.8). There is or was a program download to upgrade firmware for Panelview standard terminals from Rockwell. I do not know if it's still available, since those terminals were discontinued some 10 years ago.

I hope this helps.
The only 3 things that pop in my mind are that the last version of Panelbuilder32 available is v3.82. So maybe you need the very latest version of Panelbuilder32 to download the file.

The second is the RS232 port can be set up as a printer port instead. You have to select it as upload/download to be able to get the project from or onto it. Since you already have uploaded the project, I doubt if this is it. But, the serial port downloads are finicky in my experience.

The last option would by to try using the DH+ port to download instead. I realize that takes a lot more hardware to get done, but at least it helps verify if comms as being your issue.