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DW Pearl

The user manual shows a straight through cable to upload an application from a PV550. It's talking to a SLC500, on DH485, 19.2 K, etc. I hook up my straight cable right to the PV RS232 port (the only port), and do an auto-config...nothing. Am I using the right cable? Looking for any input. I just want to make a few screen changes and download it again. Do I have to stop the application to see it in RSLinx?


Scott McLean

Have you chosen the right driver? You may need to delete the current driver, and choose the Allen-Bradley PIC driver. Then try to auto-configure again. Choosing the RS-232 driver for the Panelview may not work, that has been my experience. Give it a try.

Gerald A. Groff Jr.

Check out the AB technical support website and this knowledgebase subject concerning PanelView communications:

G18534 - Standard Panelview protocol, cables, drivers and network connections.

I run into the same problem with a PV550 and a Micrologix1500 LRP CPU. I solved the problem by using a null modem cable with a null modem adapter to download to the PV550.
The PIC we have plugs into the parallel port and has an RJ-45 connector on it. Are you saying I
should use the PIC drive, but stay with COM-1 and the straight through cable?


Juan de los Santos

The panel View 550 have 2 models with RS232 connector. One of the models is DF1 RS232 (2711-K5A16) and the other is DH485 (2711-K5A5). When you are configuring the DH485 model you should use a straight cable. The other use the traditional tx/rx crossed.

I hope this help, I'm not quite sure about the models.

Juan De los Santos

Scott McLean

When I say PIC driver, I'm assuming you are using RS Linx - when using RS Linx, a driver must be chosen in order to communicate with a given device, whether it be a PLC cpu or a panelview. I know that in the past I was unable to use the same driver to communicate with the cpu and the Panelview. I always had to choose the PIC driver for the Panelview- without actually using the Allen-Bradley PIC hardware module that you refer to.

If you have the current version of RS Linx, you should be able to upload/download directly to the panelview via the db-9 on your laptop to the db-9 on the Panelview (also assuming you have the latest version of Panelbuilder!).
Make sure that you hit the < & > arrows simultaneously to get into the transfer mode of the PV550. You can be anywhere in the configuration/transfer mode menus, it will jump to the transfer status when it connects (upload or downloads). We used the DF1-1 driver directly from the PV transfer utility & straight through cable (which loads RSlinx, but doesn't use it. Disable Com1 DF1 or delete it in RSlinx, or you'll get a conflict between RSlinx and Panelview/builder transfer utility both trying to access Com1). Autoconfig never links up, just make sure that settings are the same at both ends. Sometimes on PV1000's, cycle power on it and then it will transfer (for some odd reason).
Also, disable the printer option in the configuration mode.
That's all I can think of. We've just uploaded four PV1000's two PV550's, and one PV300 and they all have their little quirks.


Dave Szpara
Have you disabled the printer port on the panelview. I'm not to familiar with 550 but have worked with 600 and you hook to rs 232 but you have to disable the printer port to get it to communicate. Hope this helps
We had a problem with the display (2711 - K5A16) after has fused the motor. It does not contact. Have checked up safety lock F1-burned. Have replaced, and again what results. Your technicians can will prompt, that it is necessary to do.