Panelview FATAL Alarm


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I have Allen Bradley Panel view HMI in my Compressor package and this system having an alarm on couple of days ago.

Alarm details: Application MERuntime.exe encountered a serious error and must Shutdown

Yesterday the HMI was reset and then I am getting an fatal alarm from the HMI.

Alarm detail: FATAL-3A

Anybody can suggest that why this alarm coming and what is the next step need to do?


Bob Peterson

Is the alarm called fatal - 3a coming up on the alarm better or is it coming from the operating system? If it's coming from the operating system, about all you can do is call Allen Bradley and ask them about it.

Bob Peterson

So I went and looked it up. it appears this message (FATAL - 3A) will appear during the power on self test if a stuck touch cell is detected. It appears the only solution is to replace the display module.

Thomas Schneider

I also had the fatal 3A alarm when trying to boot the panelview. What I did was clean the panel with windex and the panel booted back up.