Panelview Gauges and Panelbuilder


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Hi guys, great website. I just registered. I myself am a Junior Designer in the field on controls, and I am sure this website will be of most help to me, and hopefully in the future I will be able to be of help to others.

This is my second day programming with PanelBuilder32, I am communicating with an SLC 5/05 plc through a PanelView 600 HMI. My question is probably quite simple but its a head scratcher for me.

I am using two gauges to measure the Accumulator outputs of two timers. The first analog gauge measures t4:1.acc while the second analog gauge measure t4:5.acc. Now the weird thing is the second gauge does not want to display anything. Both gauges are on the same screen (Screen1).

Now when I cut and paste the second gauge onto Screen2 it works fine. Does PanelBuilder not like having two gauges on the same screen?

Alan Rimmington

Sounds like a "feature" in the version of PanelBuilder you have because I have done similar in the past with success. Last "feature" I remember was a couple of versions ago when graphics would down load OK, then if you changed the page some of the graphics (bitmaps) would invert and alsorts of things. I used to get round this by changing the selected revision number for the PanelView back one or two, then download to PanelView. The next time I downloaded I would use the correct revision number, and so forth. Maybe something similar will work for you.