Panelview Plus Comm Problems


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First, let me say that I like AB products, I have found them to be reliable, and reletively easy to use. With my limited experience with the Panelview plus (as well as rsview32 products). I have noticed a delay in responses to pushbuttons, and screen updates. This delay is itermittend and the delay can be 1 second or as much as 10 seconds. Sometimes the momentary pushbutton doesn't get to the PLC at all.

The CLX PLC programs are small the backgroud time slice has been changed from 10% to 80% without much change. In one instance, at the suggestion of the AB techhelp, I stopped the program and monitored the input. The delay was still present.

I've worked around the delay's using the ethernet, (luckily I didnt have to use the controlnet) but we are thinking of replacing our panelview 1200 used on PLC5 remote IO, with the Panelview Plus using Remote IO. I will try it before I implement the new PV on our tools, but I am hoping someone out there has some experience using the remote IO.

Thanks for any info

Have you tried adjusting the "maximum tag update rate" specified in the
PV Plus pages. Use RSView studio and set this property when you right
click on the page. You have to do it individually for each page.

We use PV plus's on PLC5's (via DH+) and Clogix via Ethernet no real
drama's. My advice is steer clear of using them on RIO links. This is
"legacy" for the PV Plus you will fight with it!!!!