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Im working in a project,

its about a scada systems on a turbines, solar ones..., the thing is that we need to get information about is turbines, they are all instrumented, and all the signals arrive to a PLC-5 from AB with a Bentley Motion System and some PROSOFT cards, it has many rails and many ethernet controllers for a controlnet network, with redundancy, then, the plc works with a HMI, panelview, i cannot acces to the plc because the control net ports are used by the redundancy system

so, ive decided to connect into the HMI, ive been reading many articles and manuals, and i came to this conclusion: theres a driver for this, but the problem now is that i couldnt find it in the KEPserverEX, so, i need to get the info, this is a project, so we cant buy ANYTHING, this must be only programming and maybe some coms cables, RS232 or ETHERNET, so help, any idea???
You have a good chance with Visual I/O and/or Visual PLC from

This company can offer you several products to solve your project.

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I Hope this helps you. Best

Bob Peterson

AB drivers are included with all Panelview plus units. It is just a matter of proper configuration.