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I have a customer who wants to be able to view an existing PaneView application in the main control room on a regular PC running NT. Ideally they would like to run the PanelView application through a new HMI application (utilizing ActiveX maybe?).
Is there a way or tool out there that will allow me to run a PanelView application from a regular PC in addition to the existing PanelView termianl?

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Arvind Sharma

Good question. That sets me thinking. We do have quite a few Panelviews and if we could utilize those GUIs directly to establish PC communication that would be neat.

Most of the Windows based SCADA/HMI solutions should have the ability to add ActiveX controls to the GUI without much effort (We use Honeywell Plantscape and the HMIs have good support forActiveX). It would take a few hours for you to replicate your Panelview GUIs and build up an HMI terminal for the operator.
If you are talking about an AB Panelview, have you checked out RSView SCADA. They should have some easy way to make data accessible via your Panelview and the HMI
Is it Allen Bradley PanelView ?? if yes, i don't think you can do what your client want.

you have to develop an HMI in your client HMI-PC.

Cristian Gliga

Check with Allen-Bradley. They ware suppose to have the so called PanelView Machine which allows applications to run either on a PC or on the PanelView... .

Cristian Gliga - Systems Integrator

Larry Lawver


It may be possible to get where you want to go, using products that have just been introduced. Contact your Allen-Bradley representative and ask about RSView Machine Edition.

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Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida
A-B will be introducing the PanelView Plus towards the end of this year. This enhanced version of PanelView will be programmed using RSView Studio (Windows 2000) and the runtime package RSView Machine Edition (Windows 2000 or CE). Check with your local A-B distributor for more info