Paper Sensor with high noise levels


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Gert Zeilstra

Sensing if the presented receipts and/or labels are removed are very sensitive to sun and articial light sources. I am looking for good methods to improve this at a low-cost price point. (couple of bucks)

Most paper/label present detection are not dynamical and is only based upon there/not there static detection. This is often done with Ir or UV technology. The sensor must be mounted in the visible area of a product so the detection can take place. The environment is fairly hostile and sensors are the best method. Unfortunately this solution is very sensitive to sun, halogen light etceteras.

I am looking for methods that are very cost effective and solve this problem. It is not mandatory to use an Ir sensor but that is what is already used before. All suggestions and help is welcome. This is the edge of what normal Ir sensors can detect due to saturation problems in the receiving portion. I have already looked at numerous things but could not find the best solution nor the method to implement the ideas that came to my mind.
Kind Regards, Gert