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I need to go for paperless printing.

One of our pc is connected to printer LQ2090 through LPT port. I want to get rid of that printer and capture data from the LPT port of pc and store it on another pc for later printing.

Although i tried the usb-lpt converter but it does nt work, since it is meant for connecting the old printer that does not support usb port.

I look for similar solution like this.

but it at one point says that its meant for only zebra printer.

Kindly guide for any solution.


Curt Wuollet

Depending on what OS you are running, you may be able to assign LPT1 to a serial port. Then you can use any terminal emulator on a PC to log the data to a file. This used to be very common when serial printers were common. A google search for using a serial printer on your OS should provide a way if it exists. Or the same trick should work with USB if you search for how to use a USB printer with your OS. Of course, if your PC is new enough where the duopoly successfully eliminated the serial port (bad for automation) you may have to stick to the USB and map both ends making the terminal end USB look like a serial port for the terminal emulator. In my experience this is more likely to be headache free than hardware solutions.

Option 1:
Install a Print To PDF driver... many out there, your choice. Then you just transfer the pdf to any computer and print the pdf. Advantage... not printer specific and can be viewed on computer without printing.

Option 2:
If PC is connected to a network, use a network printer or printer sharing.

Option 3:
Install the printer driver for the printer connected to the other PC. To print, select that printer and the Print To File option in print dialog. Save file to portable media (e.g. USB flash drive). Eject flash drive, remove flash drive, insert flash drive on remote PC with actual printer. Instructions continued here: