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Are there any paperless recorders on the market with a supply of 24VDC and 12 relay outputs? If any are available, what brands are they?

one of our suppliers says, "I would like to advise you that
you cannot have a paperless recorder with a supply of 24VDC and 12 relay
outputs. This is because the 24VDC will not be able to drive the relays.
However, this is possible if the supply is 220VAC instead."

Is this true?
Either the Honeywell Trendview model SX (250mm screen) or the QX (100mm screen) paperless recorders can be run on 24Vdc as an option.

Either can have an optional, single digital output card with 16 Form A relays: SPNO, 1A 24VDC (non-inductive, internally suppressed).