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John Kilkelly

I'm searching for an OPC server for paradym-31. I want to use Citect SCADA software as the HMI interface for a robotic palletiser. this has a purpose build visual basic HMI on top of the soft PLC and I want to replace this HMI with our site standard HMI Citect. I could use the DDE server that comes with Paradym but would like to use a OPC server.

Are there many sites using Paradym-31 ?
as I couldn't find any articles on this.


John Kilkelly
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Robert Dusza

I don't know of an OPC Server for P-31. I checked the Intellution knowledge base and there is a procedure to construct a OPC server from an I/O server.

We are using P-31 for our SCADA system at the Wastewater Treatment Plant here in Manchester, CT, USA. We have 3 integrated P-31 SCADA Nodes on the network and 4 iFIX View nodes for the operators. The system works real well and changes are easy. I have the detail info on how to do it. I was exploring the process a month or so ago. Have not instituted it yet due to time constraints.

Contact me directly for more info.

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