Parallel Port communication with Visual Basic 6.0


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Jane Jamora

I just wanted to know if any one out there could help me with a program.

Well, I'm trying to write a program using visual basic 6.0 to control a remote control car. Instead of using the remote I want to use the computer using a parallel port connected to the remote.

I just need some basic help. For instance how to make the car move left, right, up, and down.

Thanks, I would really appreciate it if someone replys back.

Jane Jamora
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First of all decide what should be electromechanical actuators to move your car, i suppose the car can move froward or backward by a dc motor, u may need two digital outputs for this, one for forward one for reverse. for right or left u may use two small solenoids to move the steering wheel. so two more outputs. u may add more if u like.

now try to get the file like "win95io.dll" it gives u simple functions to call and manipulate parallel port registers. use the data port register and write the desried combinationof bits for controlling the car.

u may use a simple interface circuit using optocouplers to drive simple relays.

so u may try this.

wish u good luck

Bijan Manouchehri

Dear friend,

For your decision at first you need hardware that install on the remote which it contains a microprocessor or microcontroller. This processor communicate with computer and send the command to a D/A converter or switches. These switches can energize the motor or magnet on the roll to correct the direction of motion. with four swiches and suitable feedback to processor you can control as well. The code that send by program on the computer can be a self protocol and in each command (left, right...) it is necessary to send a code to the parallel port, data remain on the port until chang it again.

I hope you can be success.


I would like to know more abt parallel port interfacing and abt controlling DC motors using VB as I am also doing the same project. if possible pls sent a detailed information to my address. I would also like to know abt the circuits used and how they r made.


am doing a project: controlling simple things like watering the lawn using a pc, parallel port and visual basic. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Friedrich Haase

Moin Mr. bobbydigital,
moin all,

Instead of using the parallel port you might use X10 modules. This is a much better (and cheap) platform for such apps.

Friedrich Haase

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parallel port com. is possible in c
for this use inst.
for pin 1
but i dont know for vb.
can you help me?
oke you must have an INpout32.dll
and then type in module

option explicit
public declare sub out lib "Inpout32.dll" alias "Out32" (Byval Portaddress as integer, byval Values as integer)

and then

the command is type in the command button procedure

out 888, 255

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You don't really have to do it as complicated as that Bijan Manouchehri guy says, you can also control it using the pins 2,3,4,5. These have a voltage of about 7.5V and are controlable, you just hook them up with a few Transisters and them with the controls on the remote, I guess you know eletronics and you should figure out the rest...

do u have any vb codes to for this purpose? I need some help controlling the motor. it needs to move clockwise in one button and counterclockwise in another button. the last button is to halt the motors movement... if homing is possible it will be an advantage. any help and guidence is greatly appreciated. thanks.