Parallel port driver - whois?


Johan Bengtsson

>Anyway this little rant went a little far... I'm still recovering from a >buck and doe last night. :) I do have a question regarding what kind of >time people are able to put into this... Like many lurkers here I do other >things besides hang around the list... Three kids (one brand new), a >full-time job and a design contracting business on the side makes for some >interesting time constraints... What are other people's schedules like and >when and if it comes down to crunch time do many (any?) of us on the list >have the ability to give additional time? Same here, with some minor differences (I don't have kids I try instead to find someone to make them with...) full time and more job, and besides of that trying to complete the best project planning program ever made in whatever time is left for that.... but after that little project is finished.... /Johan Bengtsson ---------------------------------------- P&L, Innovation in training Box 252, S-281 23 H{ssleholm SWEDEN Tel: +46 451 49 460, Fax: +46 451 89 833 E-mail: [email protected] Internet: ---------------------------------------- _______________________________________________ LinuxPLC mailing list [email protected]